5 Best Fat Burning Foods to Eat

Besides exercises, what we eat will affect our weight loss results. And in many cases, diet is even more important than your exercise regime. So if you are looking forward to losing weight faster, you need to start considering to eat more fat burning foods to maximize the result. Moreover, you will increase your metabolism, trigger the fat burning hormones as well as give your body more energy to do the exercises.


Chili is one of the most favorite items in term of weight loss. Hot and spicy foods are apparently the best buddies for dieters. You can consider few food items like peppers, cayenne, and jalapeno to improve your body’s metabolic rate. With faster metabolism, you will be able to burn more fat. It is not a superstitious. It is a fact. Backed with scientific proof, the health experts claim that eating hot and spicy foods can increase the fat burning process speed by 25%. That means if you have 10 days to lose significant amount of weight, you can finish in a week.

 lean chicken

Lean Chicken
White meat is better than red meat. Many people have known that. But what you might not know is that the best part for fat burning is the lean chicken, not the fatty ones. These meat cuts are slow to digest. As the result, your body will release more energy to digest it. That means you will burn more calories. What may concerns you is that most lean chicken meat tastes so-so. So folks who want to have a delicious dinner might want to leave this option out. But there is a will, there is a way. You can combine the lean meat with other ingredients. Just make sure that you control the sugar and salt.


What do you think about avocados? I know, there are many dieters avoid this food item because it is high in fat. But let me tell you this. In nutritious point of view, it is a super food which has good fats that your body needs. Moreover, avocados can reduce inflammation, suppress appetite, and trigger fat burning hormones. It is fantastic, isn’t it? The best thing of it is that avocados come with fiber, good fats, anti inflammatory, anti oxidants, as well as vitamins. Despite of bad reputation as fat food, it is definitely the best item for fat burning.


Not all people like to eat Kale. If you don’t like it, consider it as your medicine. It is the most unique veg which you can get in almost any market. It is also categorized as super food because it comes with Beta Carotene, vit C and calcium. What makes belly fat is estrogen. This item is the strongest one to fight the compounds. So for those who want to flatten their belly, consider this.

Green tea

Green Tea
Green tea helps your body to trigger the hormone responsible for fat burning. It will tell your body to burn more calories. Moreover, it is one of the best antioxidant. Combine this with lemon water to improve the benefits and effects.

There you have them. What is your most favorite fat burning food?