5 Best Fat Burning Foods to Eat

Besides exercises, what we eat will affect our weight loss results. And in many cases, diet is even more important than your exercise regime. So if you are looking forward to losing weight faster, you need to start considering to eat more fat burning foods to maximize the result. Moreover, you will increase your metabolism, trigger the fat burning hormones as well as give your body more energy to do the exercises.


Chili is one of the most favorite items in term of weight loss. Hot and spicy foods are apparently the best buddies for dieters. You can consider few food items like peppers, cayenne, and jalapeno to improve your body’s metabolic rate. With faster metabolism, you will be able to burn more fat. It is not a superstitious. It is a fact. Backed with scientific proof, the health experts claim that eating hot and spicy foods can increase the fat burning process speed by 25%. That means if you have 10 days to lose significant amount of weight, you can finish in a week.

 lean chicken

Lean Chicken
White meat is better than red meat. Many people have known that. But what you might not know is that the best part for fat burning is the lean chicken, not the fatty ones. These meat cuts are slow to digest. As the result, your body will release more energy to digest it. That means you will burn more calories. What may concerns you is that most lean chicken meat tastes so-so. So folks who want to have a delicious dinner might want to leave this option out. But there is a will, there is a way. You can combine the lean meat with other ingredients. Just make sure that you control the sugar and salt.


What do you think about avocados? I know, there are many dieters avoid this food item because it is high in fat. But let me tell you this. In nutritious point of view, it is a super food which has good fats that your body needs. Moreover, avocados can reduce inflammation, suppress appetite, and trigger fat burning hormones. It is fantastic, isn’t it? The best thing of it is that avocados come with fiber, good fats, anti inflammatory, anti oxidants, as well as vitamins. Despite of bad reputation as fat food, it is definitely the best item for fat burning.


Not all people like to eat Kale. If you don’t like it, consider it as your medicine. It is the most unique veg which you can get in almost any market. It is also categorized as super food because it comes with Beta Carotene, vit C and calcium. What makes belly fat is estrogen. This item is the strongest one to fight the compounds. So for those who want to flatten their belly, consider this.

Green tea

Green Tea
Green tea helps your body to trigger the hormone responsible for fat burning. It will tell your body to burn more calories. Moreover, it is one of the best antioxidant. Combine this with lemon water to improve the benefits and effects.

There you have them. What is your most favorite fat burning food?


Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat for Female at Home

You are probably done with gym membership and non-working weight loss program. If you want to reduce your weight in private, you can do it by yourself at home. Do not false perception that hiring personal trainer will increase your chances in solving your problem. The thing is that not all personal trainers know the condition of your body and what your body needs.

The most appropriate way to reduce your belly fat is by conducting full body exercises which encourage burning the excess fat in your body. When you simply focus on training to specific spot, you may not be able to achieve what you desire. In brief, your goal is to have at least 15% body fat to have flat stomach. Although more than this percentage is good enough, you surely want to maximize the result.

Depending on your needs, there are tons of body exercises that you can try to burn belly fat. But what works best until today is squat. Based on my personal experience, squat is more effective exercise. It is a very effective training to improve your metabolic rate and trigger fat burning hormones in your body. Squat is simple to be done, but really effective. It will rev your metabolism in no time.

In fact, you can reduce your belly fat just by conducting 2 exercises. Running is the other one. If you add running in your routine, you will start to see how squat and running works well. Squat improves your muscles strength so that you will be able to run faster and stronger. Running is great for increasing your heart rate and metabolism. When you have higher metabolic rate, squatting can be more effective in fat burning.

kettlebell swing
You can also add kettlebell swing and combine it with squat thrust. You can do this by 15-15 reps. But you can start lower than that. In maximum effort, you will do 120 repetitions in each exercise. That means you do 240 repetitions. For running, you can adjust your windows time. If you conduct 3 exercises: running, squatting, and kettlebell swinging, you may decrease the reps and time for running. Keep in mind that these are fast paced exercises. So it will only take about 3 seconds per rep. That means you only need to spare 12 minutes for exercises and 10 minutes for running. This method will work for you.

If you have more time, you can also do yoga for flat belly .  The flat belly diet can be more effective with yoga. Assuming that you can get free resources of yoga tutorials online, I won’t mention all the details. But what I want to emphasize is that you can always add yoga component no matter what your diet plan is. Make a schedule for your yoga so that you can burn belly fat much faster. Depending on how much time and how many poses you are conducting, you can see the results in just few days. The Bulk of the plan is a 30 day workout. If you increase the intensity of the workout, you may see the result in less than 30 days. if you are searching any good program for reduce belly fat? you can check Lean Belly Breakthrough


5 Ways to Lose Weight in a Week without Exercising

Either you don’t have enough time or simply you don’t like exercise, losing weight without exercising is very possible. In this post, I will share the best methods to lose weight without having to follow rigorous exercises regime. So, what do you think? Starvation, diet pills, or expensive weight loss program? Of course NOT. To start it, I’d like to say that most of the effective ways to improve the weight loss has thing to do with your diet plan and lifestyle. So, let’s take a look at these tips so that you can easily set yourself to start burning fat right away.

how to lose weight without exercising

Know Your Enemy – Carbs
So let’s talk about it. You need to limit yourself when taking sugars, flour, or other cabs which can make you gain more bodyweight. That does not mean that you should avoid them. It is crucial to know that carbs can contribute bodyweight more than other things. What triggers this is that the insulin in your body is released to break down the carbs. What many folks do not know is that insulin is responsible for storing calories as fat inside the body. So whenever you take a lot of carbs, your insulin levels will spike. The result is obvious, you store more fats.

Consider What You Eat and Drink
In order to lose significant amount of weight, it is important to reduce your carb consumption. As explained before, the level of your insulin will spike. So, it is simple. Rather than eating more carbs, eat more veggies, more especially the green leafy veggies. Rather than drinking soft drinks or dairy products too often, focus on more water. Now it is the interesting part. Protein is digested slower than carbs or fat. That’s why you will feel fuller for longer time. So start your morning by drinking a lot of water, eat more veggies. You will be prime in the whole day.

Intermittent Fasting
Other working method is named as intermittent fasting. Perhaps you are not up to fasting because it makes you hunger and sluggish. But it is not an ordinary fasting. Intermittent Fasting is started by fasting for short time periods. For instance, the OCD – Obsessive Corbuzier’s Diet is one of the best intermittent fasting programs in the world. It teaches you how to fast in several windows time – 8 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours. As starter, you can fast for 8 hours. That means you won’t eat anything in 8 hours. The more effective one is obviously 24 hours windows time. The intermittent fasting is conducted to release fat loss hormones so that you will burn fat much faster.

One of the factors which make you fat is because old rotting food residues insides are left there. That explains a lot why obese people have love handles and fat belly. You need to detox. Eat more fiber from lettuces, carrots, spinach, banana, and more fiber sources.

Don’t Cheat!
Bear in mind that your main objective is to lose your weight. Don’t get tempted to eat junk foods or high carb foods when you are in this state. You may have tolerance after achieving your weight loss goals.

Be sure to track your progress down. Weigh yourself on daily basis. Besides monitoring the progress, it will also motivate you to stay on the track.